Aug 1, 2011

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You can apply for these jobs at your own willingness and

If you or your friends are interested to get some latest opportunities
and share job info with others, you can Subscribe to this Group. (You
can unsubscribe at any time)

This group is to share info about Job Opportunities mainly for FRESHERS
and also for EXPERIENCED. Please note that this group focusses mainly
on Software Jobs, that too in India.

It's no way a commercial group and set up with a good intention of
helping the jobless people.

Subscription & Unsubscription :

How to Subscribe to the group "INSPIRE-JOBS" ?

To Subscribe directly through mail, just send a blank e-mail to :

Please note that you need NOT send mails to any other mail ID, except
the above mail ID.

Please Wait for 2 or 3 days for approval, after sending blank mail ONLY
to above mail ID.

Do NOT send mails to any other ID including Owner and Moderator.

How to UnSubscribe from the group "INSPIRE-JOBS" ? |
Whenever you want to Unsubscribe, just send a blank e-mail to : |
| |
You will be automatically unsubscribed. It's as simple as that. |
Sometimes, it takes time for processing your unsubscription request. It is |
automated processing and I will not be able to help you if you face any |
problems in unsubscription. |
Do NOT send mails to any other mail ID, asking for Unsubscription. |
There won't be any use. |

Where to visit the Group HomePage ?

If u want to visit HomePage of the Group, you can visit :



If you are a member of the group, You can login with your Yahoo Id and
Password to access all the information of group.


How to Change your current group mail id to another ?

Unsubscribe from the first mail id, just send a blank e-mail to :

You will be automatically unsubscribed. It's as simple as that.

Then send a mail from the 2 nd mail id (to which you want to receive
mails) to :

Just wait for 1 or 2 days after sending the mail, as it takes time for

Do NOT send mails to anyone, asking for change of your mail-id.


How to send mails to entire group ?

PLEASE NOTE : MESSAGES WITH LINKS TO OTHER GROUPS OR OTHER WEBSITES other than company websites / application form ) will NOT BE approved

In order to send a mail to entire group, send it to :, Also make sure you abide by the rules of posting
mentioned in the file ( PleaseReadThis.txt ).

Remember that the mail sent to the above mail ID reaches thosuands of people. So, please be sensible in sending messages. Don't send any
unnecessary messages.

When you reply to a mail that came to you through group, it will NOT go
to entire group. So, before pressing SEND button, observe the mail ID
to which you are sending the mail. If you want your reply mail to reach
all the group members, you must send it to above group mail ID:


Important Suggestions in Subscription :

I suggest you to create a separate mail ID and then subscribe to this
yahoogroup through that mail ID so that your personal mails won't get
affected. Be prepared to get around 50 mails per day. Keep that in mind

This group is formed to help mainly freshers and also experienced
people to get a good job in "Software" Industry. The other discipline jobs
don't have much importance in this group. So, don't expect any jobs
other than software related.

The subject line should be clear enough to indicate most of the details
about requirement:

The subject line of all mails with fresher recruitments MUST be
prefixed with "(freshers)".

For eg,
(freshers) TCS : Walk-in in Bangalore : on 27 th Aug 2003

Experienced requirements should be mentioned with subject line prefixed
with "(experienced)".

If possible mention the minimum years of required experience, Company Name,
Skill Sets, Company Location etc.

For eg,
(3+ years experience) MindTree, B'Lore : Java, J2EE
(2+ years experience) TCS : MainFrames : Walk-in : Chennai: On 8 th July 2003

When you are sending a paper or paper pattern of a company to the group,
prefix the subject line with "(PAPER)" or "(PATTERN)"
For eg,
(PAPER) WIPRO Paper held at REC, Warangal on 29 th June 2003
(PATTERN) TATAELXSI, Bangalore : Held on 12 th Aug 2003

Also clearly give the Date, Time and Place where the paper is
conducted. Mention whether it's for freshers or for experienced.
Also mention the technology in which you attempted the test
(if it is for experienced).

If possible, send the paper as Text File so that it will be easy for
me to archive.

When you are posting onsite jobs or jobs that require tarvel abroad both short time or long term please put teh location inside the "<< >>" tags after the mentioning experience as mentioned above.
For eg,
(1+ years)<< USA >> J2ee Proffessioanls for Fidelity, Bangalore


When you are asking for some information, prefix the subject line with "(QUERY)".
For eg,
(QUERY) SAMSUNG Previous Papers needed for Campus Interview

QUERY is not GENERALLY APPROVED UNLESS ITS REALLY IMPORTANT....Sole descretion of the moderator


When you get a job and want to share your happiness with other group members,
prefix the subject line with "(JOB)".
For eg,
(JOB) I got job in ACCENTURE

When you are giving some useful information to others, prefix the subject line with "(INFO)".
For eg,
(INFO) The walk-in to be held tomorrow at Accenture got cancelled


Various problems with the Subscription :

If the member is not getting any mails even after subscribing or if
suddenly he is not able to receive any mails...

I can understand your concerns about Memberships in "INSPIRE-JOBS"

I have approved all your requests for memberships, unsubscriptions etc.
I haven't blocked anyone's id, unless they misbehaved in group.

But please understand that problem is not with this group or you, but
it's with YahooGroups server and Database.
It seems Yahoo is encountering some technical problems. So I will not
be able to help you unless they solve the problems.

You might be experiencing one or more of the following problems. If you


YahooGroups Website is not accessible::

Sometimes, the WebSite may be down for maintenance by yahoo. So, try
after 1 or 2 days.


Not receiving any mails even after Subscription or Suddenly you are not
receiving any mails::

I think there is some problem with Yahoo DataBase. So,I will not be
able to help as of now. I have reported this to YahooGroups.
Please bear for some time or try to unsubscribe and then subscribe
again with a different mail id. That might work sometimes !

I mean, create a new mail ID and subscribe through that.

Receving mails even after Unsubscribing::

It is also due to problem with Yahoo. The unsubscription process is
completely automatic. I will not be able to help you for unsubscription.
So, no use in sending mails to me. Sometimes, it takes lot of time for
processing your unsubscription request. Till then, you will be receiving
mails even if you sent an unsubscription request.

You set your Mail delivery option (at the YahooGroups website) as : "No
Mails" so that you won't receive any mails to your mail id. Later ,
when Yahoo solves these problems, you can unsubscribe.

When try for membership, you get a message called "DataBase

Sometimes, database is down and so it will not accept your requests for
For this problem, try after 1 or 2 days to subscribe. Then you will get


Getting Unsubscription mail even though you haven't tried to

It happens mainly b'cos of Virus mails sent from your mail id (without
your notice). If you don't receive group mails continuosly for 3 or 4
days or if you suspect that you are unsubscribed from the group, try to
subscribe again. If it doesn't work, try to create another mail id and
subscribe through that.

Please note that I don't remove any member from the group unless they
misbehave in the group.

Thanks a lot,
Inspire, Owner, INSPIRE-JOBS Group
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