Aug 1, 2011



1. What is INSPIRE-JOBS group?

INSPIRE-JOBS group is a non-profitable free community Service/group
which emails you with free IT job oppurtunities in India and
abroad. We are not Consultants. Do Not send Resumes to INSPIRE-JOBS.

2. Who can use INSPIRE-JOBS?

Anyone who searches IT job in India or abroad can join this
group. Freshers to experienced professionals in the area of IT,
Management, HR, etc

3. What is the motivation behind this group ? What have the
moderators gained out of this community service ?

We never earned any money out of INSPIRE-JOBS group. The groups
was started to bring awareness / exposure among the engineers
in India about IT oppurtunities. Itz a community service.

4. I like to help INSPIRE-JOBS. How can I help?

Spread words about INSPIRE-JOBS to people like freshers, final
year college students, IT professionals, HRs, Consultants,
recruiters through Email, free Ads, etc.

If u know any IT oppurtunity post the oppurtunity to

INSPIRE-JOBS members have uploaded S/W companies interview
questions/patterns. You could also contribute.Follow
the below steps to upload/download IT interview
a. Visit
b. Sign In with your Yahoo ID
c. Click on Add File to upload

5. How do one sign up to use INSPIRE-JOBS?

Send an Email to

6. How do I send feedback to INSPIRE-JOBS?

We receive thanking mails from members stating they got job
thru INSPIRE-JOBS postings. It keeps us motivated to help many.

Post your feedback at

7. How do I unsubscribe from INSPIRE-JOBS?

Send an email to

8. How do I post IT oppurtunities to INSPIRE-JOBS?

Send an email to

9. What is the Website for INSPIRE-JOBS?

10. Any Rules and Regulations?

Read the INSPIRE-JOBS Emails properly and send resumes to
appropriate HRs / consulatants if and only if ur r eligible
and if u have relevant experience asked for.

Its INSPIRE-JOBS members own responsibility to send resumes to the
companies and any further dealings. The INSPIRE-JOBS group is NOT
responsible for any further dealings. Neither INSPIRE-JOBS nor
Moderators verify the validity of the oppurtunity mails posted.
Beware of people who ask money for arranging interviews and jobs.

We are not Consultants. Do Not send Resumes to INSPIRE-JOBS.

Members will be automatically banned on Post, email, transmit
any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional
materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid
schemes," or any other form of solicitation that are designated
for such purpose

Any member who violates INSPIRE-JOBS rules and regulations will be
unsubscribed automatically.

11. What is Daily Digest?

If you want the messages to be delivered in batches of 25 or
daily, whichever comes sooner then subscribe for Daily Digest.
This is the best option if you want to receive fewer mail
messages and want all the messages in a single mail as daily
digest and don't need up-to-the minute posts in your inbox.
Email attachments are not available in digests.

12. How to subscribe for Daily Digest?

To subscribe for Daily digest,
visit . Sign in with your
Yahoo ID. Go to Membership, Edit Membership and Change Delivery
option to Daily Digest.

Current members of INSPIRE-JOBS can change their membership to Daily
digest by sending an Email to

13. Disclaimer ?

Neither INSPIRE-JOBS group nor its moderators are responsible for
validity of the messages posted in the group.

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